Ultimateblades, Let Power Within Unleash!!!
hey guys, I know I haven't been on for like 2 weeks already and I am sorry to all bladers for that, but on the other hand, I still appreciate for those bladers that still follow my site =)
anyhow, as said in the title, I have finally revealed the Money Opportunity, which can be found above on the tab named: 
it is a very good way to earn money so click on it and read how the program works, and best off, it is FREE OF CHARGE!!!
Also another update is if you would like to write an article for Ultimateblades, please email me at:
P.S also when emailing, 
good luck blading and hope to see you guys earn some cash and keep ripping!!!
"Let Power Within Unleash"
~Admin Ryan
Hi what is sup bladers?
My site is now opened and I appreciate everyone who waited for the grueling 3 months, anyways I thank you guys and I need a few people to write some articles for me, please do any season 2 beyblades, it will be appreciated very much!!! you can send me your article by e-mail at:
Also please leave some feedback and suggestions under here as I will continue to work, aside of that, I will starting next month will start a beyblade battlecode contest, so please if you have a youtube account, sub 2 me!!!
Youtube User:
This will be the only way to enter the contest, and aside from all the beyblade things, I will have a Random Section talking how you can earn some money so that you can buy all the blades you want =)
it will cost you a low fee of $10 per month, but you have my WORDS, if you put some effort and work into it, trust me, you will be making $100 in a matter of minutes!!! and if you are not satisfied, you can cancel it, because you also get a 7-day RISK-FREE trial!!!
I will probably release the name of the product by early next week or late next week!
so stay tuned and continue to LET IT RIP!!!
"Let Power Within Unleash"
~Admin Ryan


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